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Article introduction

Corn follows pumpkin is two kinds are compared feed capable person commonly, corn is used at Bao soup commonly, and pumpkin can make all sorts of cate, for instance pumpkin congee or pumpkin cake. Pumpkin itself is to contain sweet tasteForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
, corn also is to have sweet, this is both put together boil, flavour is sweeter, and gas of the beneficial in can filling and diuresis detumescence, officinal value is taller, suggest everybody can understand the content below.

Can be corn and pumpkin boiled together

Can pumpkin and corn eat together

1, with feed effect

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It is very delicate that corn eats together, have the profit in filling antiphlogistic and detumescence of gas, diuresis, acetanilide, fall blood pressure, fall aperient, detoxify kills bowel of blood sugar, embellish bug, hairdressing protects skin, fall the effect such as blood sugar, can treat cough, oedema, ascites, hypertensive, diabetic, constipation, asthmatic, bronchitic, burn, scald, pass water not the unwell disease such as free. Had better choose fresh corn to corn, not only more delicate, and nutrition is digested higher, more easily.

2, corn notice

Although have a lot of profit to health,eat corn, but also cannot eat in disorder, also may cause adverse effect to health otherwise. Much toxic material is contained in degenerative corn, unfavorable edible, can bring about intestines and stomach not only unwell, and cause cancer easily still. More crude fibre is contained in corn, the human body with bad intestines and stomach is unfavorable eat more. When boiling corn, corn also must should not be wasteful, have very good clear fire effect.

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3, pumpkin notice

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Pumpkin cannot eat in disorder as much, pumpkin belongs to lukewarm sex food, if eat too much bring about suffer from excessive internal heat very easily, and for the patient of disease of hot to sufferring from disease, do not suit to eat pumpkin more, can bring about illness accentuation otherwise. Eat pumpkin to cause damp easily, should not be for more serious to the damp inside body person eat pumpkin, and wet cold constitution person unfavorable also eat pumpkin. Pumpkin still sends thing, cause a few diseases easily, because this has had the patient of easy recrudesce disease,should not be eat pumpkin.

Can be corn and pumpkin boiled together

Pumpkin cannot be the same as the food that eat

1, pumpkin adds spinach.

2, pumpkin adds yam.

All belong to easy sluggish to enrage food, if be not thoroughlied cook edible can be caused abdominal distension, if both is fed together, can bring about gas of intestines and stomach to bilge more, the bellyacke, water that spit acid.

3, pumpkin adds hotpot.

These two kinds of food are the content of hot sex, eat together may bring about abdominal distension, constipation to wait a few diseases a moment. The person that worry infection sex disease and calorific symptom is unfavorable edible, in case the illness is exasperate.

4, pumpkin adds vinegar.

Acetic acid can destroy the nutrient element in pumpkin, reduce nutrient value.

Can be corn and pumpkin boiled together

5, pumpkin adds hairtail.

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Contain a lot ofD of A of not high grade protein, saturated fatty acid and DHA, vitamin, vitamin to wait, have filling theory, raise liver, promote galactic generate wait for action, but feed meeting body together with pumpkin adverse.

6, pumpkin adds red jujube.

Gong Zaofu contains vitamin C, flavour pleasant sex is lukewarm, feed easy indigestion more, and pumpkin sex is lukewarm, both is fed together not only vitamin C is destroyed, return the symptom such as can aggravating indigestion.

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