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Article introduction

Vinegar is a kind of our very familiar between the life dressing, it is kitchen of a lot of families in the center necessary article, the flavor that a few vinegar add to be able to let dish inside when should making cooked food is better, often a few vinegar are opposite edible healthy the stimulative effect that has a lot of, if appeared,between the process of use vinegar vinegar enters the phenomenon inside the eye, be about to use water in time to rinse an eye, and use soft towel wipe, if the symptom is about badly,go to a hospital undertaking handling.

 Vinegar enters an eye how to be handled

Vinegar enters an eye how to be handled

Vinegar a few inpour eyes, bring about an eyeForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The ministry congests. Wipe glasses gently with soft towel, next just a minute, do not worry please. Go not overly rubbing an eye, the proposal rests more, avoid strong smooth illuminate, be likeLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Symptom of occurrence ache of fruit eye ministry, the proposal sees a doctor to the hospital. The proposal chooses eye treatment with eyedrop.

Acetic effect

1, the absorption of stimulative calcium and iron

Acetic property of a medicine is acidity, can promote the human body absorption to calcium. Besides, vinegar still has the effect that prevents an osteoporosis, in suiting particularly, senile crowd is used, use method is very convenient also, when needing to dining only, join a few feed vinegar can.

 Vinegar enters an eye how to be handled

2, fall fat reduces weight
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A variety of amino acid are contained in vinegar, can promote metabolism, deplete put oneself in another’s position inside adipose. The friend that has need reducing weight can be taken right amountly, of course, relying on vinegar to want to achieve very good result reducing weight only have difficulty. Everybody is in everyday life, also want to notice food is delicate, much exercise ability achieves best result reducing weight.

3, prevention and cure is arterialLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Arteriosclerosis made one of main reasons that our country old people dies, much hair crowd is the male, the element that causes arteriosclerosis has hypertensive, diabetic etc, common symptom expression is a bosom painfulForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, the bosom is frowsty. Vinegar has the effect that avoids arteriosclerosis, have the friend of need’s OK and right amount edible vinegar.

4, enhance digestive function

Vinegar has very good be good at taste and aid digestion effect, right amount edible vinegar can adjust the acidity of gastric juice. Think on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine vinegar can ” appetizing raise liver ” , have the patient of dyspeptic symptom, OK and right amount edible vinegar, the effect also is very pretty good.

 Vinegar enters an eye how to be handled

5, hairdressing is raised colour

Vinegar has the effect of dispel ageing horn, wash a face with vinegar can the moisture content that bate cutin layer adds skin cell thereby and nutrition, wen Shui must be used when use vinegar washs a face, drip about 5-6 drips. Vinegar can achieve hairdressing effect besides external use outside, still can use to be taken orally, can abstain malic vinegar to take, the effect also is very apparent, interested friend can try.

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