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Having pile is thing of a special excruciating, because most haemorrhoid patient can appear,Sao itchs and defecate takes hematic case. And after having pile, want to rely on medicaments to treat the food that controls his even slowly not only, because form haemorrhoid very big one part element is caused by food. Hotpot is considered as the food with a kind of gentle nature, a lot of people eat hotpot is for counteractive chill, can you eat hotpot to haemorrhoid patient so? Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Can haemorrhoid eat hotpot

One, haemorrhoid can eat hotpot

Haemorrhoid patient eats hotpot less as far as possible. The cause that causes haemorrhoid has a lot of sides, among them food also is one is weighedA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Want an element, food is undeserved increase pressure of rectum fluctuation intravenous, make haemal circumfluence is illogical free, produce deposit, formed haemorrhoid slowly. To prevent haemorrhoid, relieve haemorrhoid symptom, reduce haemorrhoid recrudesce, in dietary respect have to special attention.

Can haemorrhoid eat hotpot

2, haemorrhoid cannot the reason of a large number of hotpot

Hotpot is tepid and help this world, the person took easier suffer from excessive internal heat. And the contraindication of haemorrhoid food: Fat pleasant thick flavour, broil bakes food. These food can stimulate the mucous membrane skin of rectum anus ministry, congest is apparent, bring about haemorrhoid happening. In addition, diet flavour is thick reach the food with much flavor: Make alvine path easily unwell, with season liver pressure increases next hyperaemia, abdominal cavity, additional, after protein mixes a large number of adipose absorbing, can bring about haemorrhoid happening or make haemorrhoid aggravating. Shanghai noble baby

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Can haemorrhoid eat hotpot

3, the tie-in method that haemorrhoid patient has hotpot

Haemorrhoid patient most abstain from suffer from excessive internal heat, and suffer from excessive internal heat prevents in the procedure that when can this allow a patient to eat hotpot below, prevent the accentuation of haemorrhoid.

1, eat vegetable more. Want to have the flesh not only, still must put more vegetable early or late. Vegetable contains a large number of vitamins and chlorophyll, its sex slants more contain cool, can eliminate not only fat, compensatory vitamin, still have the effect of cool and refreshing, alexipharmic, reduce internal heat, but the vegetable that puts is not long boil, just have disappear fire effect.

2, join right amount bean curd. Bean curd contains gesso, bean curd is put appropriately inside hotpot, can complement not only a variety of microelement, and still can develop gesso Qing Dynasty fire of hot, have diarrhoea, except irritated, stop thirsty action.

3, drink a cup of green tea. Can see clear opening of be bored with not only, and action of fire having Qing Dynasty. But unfavorable after eating big fish big meat, drink tea immediately, in case the tannic acid in tea and protein union, affect what nurture pledges to absorb those who reach constipation to happen.

4, much draft fruit. Generally speaking, some of fruit can eat after eating hotpot 339 minutes, wait for the fruit that has effect leaving anger like umbilical orange, pear. Eat after eat go up to be able to make you to two fruits talking around promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, remove the trouble of suffer from excessive internal heat at the same time.

Hotpot belongs to what heat up greatly to taste, eat muchLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Sore patient cannot gluttonous is many edible, but want haemorrhoid patient to want to choose only only to having a way, use collocation opportunely, hotpot also is a filling gas but the cate of clear heat.

Can haemorrhoid eat hotpot? Haemorrhoid patient cannot late too much hotpot, eat hotpot to want to notice a lot of things. Although the nutrient value of hotpot is very high, to us healthy also bring profit. But entering you is haemorrhoid patient is about to notice, cannot eat too much hotpot, and eat hotpot want tie-in and other thing ability is OK. Should choose to having a way, hotpot also is cate.

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