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Article introduction

The potato that contains tall starch as a kind tomato patch kind crop, it is the food that a kind of men and women likes to eat. And tomato patch not only can edge of make it street is fastfood, take potato to come also a lot of people like make it food. Not only the practice of such potato also is varied, everybody can be joined according to his taste feed capable person differently, because can say tomato patch,be the food of joker. And often undertake potato of braise in soy sauce with respect to flesh of somebody use duck, so how to undertake duck flesh burns potato?

Duck flesh burns the practice of potato

The duck flesh potato that stew is a dish. Duck flesh is soft sodden, potato soft glutinous, the summer suits edible, element of meat or fish is tie-in, nutrient health, it is necessary dish type of the family.


Prepare time 10-2Shanghai Long Feng forum

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0 minutes make time half hours – 1 hour


1, Duck flesh chop agglomerate

2, Green paragraph, ginger piece reserve

3, duck the flesh enters boiling water scald fish out

4, Hot pot puts oil, add stir-fry before stewing of Chinese prickly ash to fry, put duck meat next, green ginger, explode fry 5 minutes

5, Put be buried ancient stemmed cup or bowl next, add right amount clear water, red dry chili, soy, stew make 20 minutes, put salt, gourmet powder flavors can

Nutrient composition

Tomato patch (potato) have very high nutrition value and officinal value. The place in general and fresh potato contains part:

Amylaceous 9 ~ 20% , protein 1.5 ~ 2.3% , adipose 0.1 ~ 1.1% , crude fibre 0.6 ~ 0.8Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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% . The battalion nurturance that contains in 100g potato divides: Quantity of heat 66 ~ 113J, calcic 11 ~ 60mg, phosphor 15 ~ 68mg, 4.8mg of iron 0.4mg ~ , sulfur amine element 0.03 ~ 0.07mg, riboflavin 0.03 ~ 0.11mg, nick is acerbity 0.4 ~ 1.1mg. Divide this beyond, potato tuber still contains the carotene that place of commissariat of standing grain corn does not have and ascorbic acid. From the point of nutrient angle, it has more advantages than rice, flour, can furnish the heat energy with much human body, can call ” the food of perfect ” . The person relies on potato and complete fat milk to maintain life and health with respect to enough only. Because the nutrient composition of the potato is very comprehensive, nutrient construction is more reasonable also, be protein, calcium and vitamin A only measure a bit low; and this as it happens comes with complete fat milkLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Compensatory. Potato tuber is washy, adipose the quantity of heat of volume of little, unit is quite low, contains vitamin C is 10 times of the apple, vitamin of B a group of things with common features is 4 times of the apple, all sorts of mineral be an apple is severalfold to a few times differ, it is to fall tomato patch blood pressure food. Prandial Zhong Mou is planted nutrition became much or was short of can cause disease, same argument, adjust prandialShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, OK also ” eat ” drop corresponding disease.

Duck flesh burns the practice of potato

The potato contains a large number of carbohydrate, contain at the same time protein, mineral (phosphor, calcium) , the vitamin. Can make staple food, also can serve as vegetable edible, or do supplementary food to be like potato, potato piece etc, also use the starch that make, vermicelli made from bean starch to wait, OK also brew or the feed that serve as domestic animals. The potato contains a few poisonous alkaloid, advocate if eggplant is alkaline,mix wool carapace mildew is alkaline, but the high temperature cook that passes 170 ℃ commonly, toxic substance can be decomposed. Feral potato toxicity is higher, alkaline toxic meeting brings about eggplant have a headache, diarrhoea, convulsive, insensible, can cause death even. But the potato noxiousness that helps advance somebody’s career commonly is very low, toxic incident produces very rare potato. Help advance somebody’s career the potato contains alkaloid commonly under 0.2 milligram / gram, exceed 200 milligram to just can cause toxic appearance commonly, be equivalent to eating off 1.4 kilograms of unripe potatoes. When the potato stores if expose,fall in the light, can become green, at the same time toxic substance can increase; to sprout potato eye share becomes violet to also can make toxic substance is accumulated, incidental toxic incident, want to notice when edible.

New prandial guideline suggests, should eat potato every week each kind 5 or so, absorb 50 grams every time – 100 grams. Potato of every 100 grams (potato) contain potassium to be as high as 300 milligram, be 20 a variety of potassium often is contained in the vegetable fruit of edible most. Japan considers to discover, eat 5~6 every week tomato patch, can make apoplectic a fewFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Rate drop 40% . Unlock belly to eat also won’t fat. Overweight, it is to absorb energy to cross much be caused by. How to eat off fat? A method that Zhao Jiao teachs is: Eat low energy food more. Protein, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Adipose, candy (amylaceous) energy can produce in the oxidation inside the cell, offer life activity need. Among them, adipose every gram is produced can 9 kilocalorie; and every gram produces candy, protein all can be 4 kilocalorie. So, “New prandial guideline ” will produce can inferior corn and potato kind label staple food, and limitation produces heat taller absorb adiposely. But a lot of people to reduce weight, think potato kind contain starch (candy) more, inspect its to be the food that add fertilizer, flinch. Professor Zhao says, this is misunderstanding. Among them the water content such as potato, sweet potato is as high as 70% above, true amylaceous content does not pass 20% the left and right sides. And, contain only in potato of 0.1% natural and adipose. This is other the food place that can make staple food of too far behind to catch up with.

Reducing weight tomato patch is good move. The potato is produced can low, how to let a person easily still produce full abdomen to feel? Zhao Fa teachs the introduction, because,this is potato kind food contains a lot ofsoft prandial fiber.

Duck flesh burns the practice of potato

Prandial fiber is the tough wall layer of plant cell, eat after entering human body, be not absorbed, also do not supply quantity of heat, but because the action in metabolism is indispensable, so afterwards saccharide, protein, adipose, water, mineral with the vitamin later, be labelled ” the 7th kind of nutriment ” . Why does it produce full abdomen move easily? The proportion because of cellulose small, volume is large, after taking food, fill up gastric antrum, need is digested more for long, lengthened a stomach to discharge empty time, produced full abdomen move so.

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