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Drumstick is the flesh that likes by people is tasted, its nutrition is very rich, contain vitamin A, nicotinic acid and rich mineral element for instance, according to introducing, the fleshy lipoprotein content inside drumstick is very high, and be absorbed very easily, eat drumstick to be able to enhance strength so, can improve the health, so how does drumstick make gift delicious?

How is gallinaceous ham done delicious? Introduce 3 kinds of practices!

One, ham of the hot chicken that bake


Raw material: Ham of the chicken that take a skin 4 piece

Bloat makings: Garlic powder 2 teaspoon; Teaspoon of white peppery 1/2; Pink of the five spices / teaspoon of 13 sweet 1/2; Chili pink 2 teaspoon; Soy 1 teaspoon; Salad oil 4 big spoon


Will gallinaceous piece is abluent after wiping, bloat together makings mix divide evenly, put into freezer to refrigerate quiet place to make an appointment with 20-30 minute;

Oven warm-up 180 ℃ / 375F;

The chicken that has bloated piece tremble to bloat redundantly makings put into bake dish in, scatter pink of a chili again;

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The 45-55 that bake minute (try each one oven to adjust) can.

How is gallinaceous ham done delicious? Introduce 3 kinds of practices!

2, ham of black peppery chicken


Gallinaceous ham 3, saline a few, black peppery and right amountShanghai night net

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, sesame oil a few, black peppery sauce 3 spoon, water 1.5 bowl


1, gallinaceous ham is wiped according to foreword on Zuo makings, Zuo be soiled at least 30 minutes;

2, 2 spoon oil heats up oily boiler, gallinaceous ham in bigForum of Shanghai night net

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Igneous simmer in water after 15 minutes (please timely search an area) take out;

3, take out gallinaceous ham, the oil in teem boiler, former boiler need not be washed, sauce is burned below, boil after boiling, again gallinaceous hamNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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After issueing boiler to be boiled frowzily 15 minutes (please timely search an area) can.

How is gallinaceous ham done delicious? Introduce 3 kinds of practices!

3, ham of chicken of a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt


Gallinaceous ham 5, peppery salt is right amount, sea salt right amount


1, discharge gallinaceous ham abluent wipe expect with Zuo Zuo be soiled at least 30 minutes

2, remove boiler not to put oil, gallinaceous skin is gadarene, scatter on right amount flavoring, decoct of lid of the boiler on lid of medium baking temperature comes give oil

3, make an appointment with every 5 minutes to search gallinaceous ham the area, two sides is scattered on right amount flavoring, repeat behavioral about 35-40 so minute, decoct comes gallinaceous ham two sides is golden, gallinaceous skin crisp can.

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