” dead or unripe 6 ” NiCO of girl of talent of solution of game information detailed becomes gut nucleus

Glory spy library rub the Team NINJA below the banner is made, book what rolled out on March 1 ” dead or unripe 6 ” , producer holds the propaganda before chief inspector spreads out global itinerary to appear on the market before new Ku ocean is ferial concurrently, 10 days visit a station China Taiwan, show game personally characteristic and show game content, announce to will develop the test on the line at the same time. The producer of Cosplay Cheng Baiman holds ocean of chief inspector new Ku concurrently to make the same score (right) the Coser Neneko with Cosplay Cheng Suixiang (left) ” dead or unripe 6 ” be with before generation be apart 7 years ” die or be born ” series is completely new, with ” stimulate a bottle of recreation ” for the concept, promote a picture quality considerably through hardware of new generation lead plane and newest game engine, present richer expressional show, skin to pledge movement of feeling, limbs and setting interact, offer the fistfight that has sense of reality more, experience sincere the concussion to the flesh and injury. Guide at the same time numerous new system. Game collects two new roles上海千花网交友

” Diyage ” with ” NiCO ” , and 22 series are classical part, additionally still 2 parts are be in charge of especially DLC, part of spendable of add up to is 26. Should be asked about whether to make before meeting resembling guide resembling is knot city brilliant in that way, when knowing igneous dance to wait for those who come from other firm work to gues-star a part, new Ku ocean is smooth express, because hope everybody first dedicated be in ” dead or unripe ” the part of series itself, still join without the plan so gues-star a part, connect oneself this even ” pass outside the person that bear ” red autumnal leaves was not joined. Provide the fistfight of boldness more to a上海同城对对碰交友社区

ppear, patulous the tactical sex to battle and variational, it is easier to let new generation player at the same time begin, this blow besides series characteristic, cast and strike back besides the system that controls each other, still guided rich new system,上海龙凤论坛

the introduction is as follows: Fatal make a sudden and violent attack ” fatal make a sudden and violent attack ” it is to want to press R1 button repeatedly only (PS4 edit上海夜网论坛

ion is confi上海贵族宝贝

gured) with respect to boldness of can relaxed put to good use the new system of 4 double hit, and if ” collapse solution measures a watch ” when volume is full, the 4th times double hit still can be started automatically ” collapse solution explodes attack ” . No matter novice veteran can be applied effectively. Collapse solution measures a watch ” list of collapse solution volume ” it is this generation join first degrees kill ability to measure a watch surely, be located in body strength to express lower part, hit the tar上海贵族宝贝论坛

get when attack or be to be accumulated gradually by the meeting when harm. It is OK that the design that expresses through the quantity makes a player can clear master put to good use ” collapse solution explodes attack ” with ” collapse solution strikes back ” opportunity. Collapse solution explodes attack those who use total collapse to see the put to good use that measure a watch is puissant reduce ability surely, can attack fly pay equal attention to adversary, attack of the other side still can rebound when put to good use. Collapse solution strikes back solution of use half collapse measures those who express put to good use to strike back ability. Can answer any blow ability, although sufferring attack hard straight or it is to be immersed in deadly and insensible condition to fall can put to good use. The meeting after successful put to good use circles adversary backside, can be aimed at defenseless instantly adversary launchs storm one round.

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