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Article introduction

Ran is a kind of very good fitness means, often the effect that ran can have effectively to reduce weight to model body, also can increase body strength at the same time, right healthy first-rate, but ran is not everybody is appropriate, the crowd with too usually fat weight is unfavorable ran, as a result of weight too fat meeting increases the power of knee and leg ministry easily, can bring about knee easily to oppress, because of this weight overweight crowd shoulds not be ran.

More or less doesn't weight suit ran?

The person of how many does not suit weight ran?

Special and obese person

The sport reducing weight that everybody knows to ran is first-rate, but for too old to weight person, ran is caused very easily to knee oppressive, make knee appears very easily injury, serious when still can appear after ranLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The state such as knee ache, fat nevertheless person can choose go quickly first, perhaps buy a pair of professional running shoes, can make big pitch protectFall in love with the sea

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Protect knee and ankle.

Be in a cold medium person

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For the person that catchs a cold to sufferring from, do not suggest instantly ran, cold moment ran, meeting occurrence heartbeat is quickened, the state such as breathing difficulty. For the patient that coughs to having a fever, reaction will be more severe, caught a cold well accomplishment.

More or less doesn't weight suit ran?

Heart and vessels disease patient

Ran is a violent campaign, when ran feel the heartbeat is quickened very easily, blood is accelerated circularly, for the person that this has a problem to the heart and vessels, can produce huge impact, very incidental accident, have the person of cardiovascular disease so, can move below doctor proposal, not certain must ran.

Leg ministry gets hurt the person that did not restore

If your leg gets hurt because of ran, had not restored completely, continue ran can create leg department oldNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The injury has a relapse, especially long run, can create very great pressure to leg ministry, ministry waiting for a leg is thoroughly good resumptive.

More or less doesn't weight suit ran?

The age older old man

The bone of human body estimates the meeting growth as the age, and less and less, bone begins to become flimsy, the need such as ran is many at that time the motion of leg department action, with respect toLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Suit no longer, if elder has the habit that holds to ran for a long time, that does not have a thing.

Serious and anaemic

Very the problem that has anaemia to the female, the motion having oxygen such as ran, can make blood is accelerated circularly, the content of red blood cell in anaemic patient blood is less, appear very easily syncope state, eat before ran so eastForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Must want to do on the west.

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