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Muscle is the main organization on person body, also be the base that human body produces all sorts of power, muscle is stronger, the person’s power is greater. And muscle distributings in the whole body, the muscle of every place has distinct effect, for example, curium before fleshLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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It is very important musculature, be located in thorax near the rib of two side, very important to propping up thorax, before look below, curium flesh exercises a method what to haveA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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What to curium flesh exercises a method to have before?

Curium before flesh just as its name implies: “Curium flesh ” one word describes this muscle to become curium of form, resemble a saw. Curium flesh is located in pectoral outline before outside side is hypodermic, upside is cover of place of small flesh of pectoralis major and bosom, every groups two before curium flesh begins from the rib of pectoral forehead, around body side outspread to bladebone.

Curium flesh exercises methodological movement before one: Fu lies extension forward of the shoulder blade that prop up

Curium flesh is muscle of main bladebone extension forward before, and hold the position of the horn below stable bladebone reachFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Inside the part of the predestined relationship. With push-up pose, the difference is the arm props up the ground to be not moved, nextShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Have the campaign of retraction of bladebone extension forward.

What to curium flesh exercises a method to have before?

Curium flesh exercises methodological movement before 2: Y on lift

This movement training is before curium flesh rotates up the ability of bladebone, bladebone top spin turns be in all holding high to cross the metropolis in head start to appear, for instance: The choose on the shoulder, pull-up, clean and jerk is waited a moment!

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Refine method movement 3:

Lie low of the back on 1. is on pew, double foot steps on concrete floor, in the bosom upper part both hands grasps a dumbbell, the centre of the palm is sticking extreme gravity piece inside, big toe and forefinger are in of bar all round the appearance that show water chestnut;

What to curium flesh exercises a method to have before?

2. backward dumbbell of transfer to a lower level, become a standard till dumbbell peace stool, deep inspiratory, draft thorax;

3. edge is expiratory, the edge will be lifted on dumbbell with horizontal perpendicular. Dumbbell moves along 90 degrees of arc, such, when dumbbell is lowered, thorax of OK and complete draft. In training a process, should not be use overweight dumbbell, too heavy dumbbell training causes humeral joint easily to get hurt. Train besides use dumbbell, also can use barbell to undertake, that goes up for barbell with respect to change lifted.

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