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Alleged sphenoid, it is shoulder the following, two side are carried on the back after living apartShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Piece bladebone, very much female star can practice hard a sphenoid before attending large activity, wear againForum of Shanghai night net

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Deep V word shows back outfit on, old show is sexy.

Want to have sphenoid, the method is not difficult — take out a bit time to do everyday do back exercise, not only can make back line regain close send, return can suitable path to reduce reduce pressure!

The following movement can control direction to be done each, repeat exercise 3-5 second. The exercise successive of gem gal, bear according to oneself ability do according to one’s abilities, without strict time, just had better do an exercise in fixed time everyday. In practicing a process, if some of movement cannot be accomplished really, not loath also, should achieve extend only the result that your body can produce a workout.

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One, soldier 3 type

1, double foot and approach standsForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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On gem gal mat. Move centre of gravity to raise right leg backward next to left leg;

2, the body comes to poise with ground parallel to pitch, double arm parallel is forward unbend;

3, tighten up alvine, maintain correct pose and do 3-5 second slow deep breathing.

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